Miami as the Center of the Maritime Activities in the USA

Rent Yacht in Miami

Miami as the Center of the Maritime Activities in the USA – All About Available On-Yacht Aquatic Entertainments

It goes without saying that American travelers and foreign tourists know well such a stunning resort city in Florida. Miami is an attractive location for millions of people from any corner of the world. Admirable landscapes, friendly locals, delicious food, and luxury life are associated with this FL resort city. One of the most notable features of Miami is its maritime beauty. There are plenty of aquatic activities to try and numerous picturesque views to see.

It is not surprising that Miami became the center of maritime capabilities in the USA. This is a gem of Florida and whole America with beautiful waterways of Biscayne Bay, Everglades waters, South Beach destinations, and many more. It is impossible to refuse an opportunity to deep into the atmosphere of local marines and relax onboard the cruise liner, luxurious and comfortable yacht, or a compact boat.

Where to Go & What to See: Miami-Based Eye-Catching Maritime Locations

Besides blue ocean waters and small islands located next to the Miami and South beaches, Miami guests can enjoy Biscayne Bay and travel onboard the water transport. The absolutely new city’s panorama will be available for voyagers for sure. The on-vessel tour can start from any accessible point in Miami. Usually, tourists prefer to use the offers of the local marinas and stay pleased with scheduled voyages.

Nevertheless, the most popular coastal metropolis does not limit travelers in the selection of water transportation. Besides private boats and city cruise liners at rest in Coconut Grove Marina, Crandon Marina, Bill Bird Marina, and other places, there are much more convenient ways to have an unforgettable maritime journey. Miami is rich in local boat rental service providers with modern vehicles in any package contents and functionality. For example, the 42-feet VANDUTCH yacht can be rented for several hours and provide the best accommodations for a speedy trip through magnificent Biscayne Bay.

Rent Yachts in Miami

By the way, among the most eye-catching Miami maritime locations are many exotic, natural, and gorgeous places of interest. Among them are Cape Florida lighthouse, Star Island, Haulover Park, and many more.

Here is the list of top-10 places for first-time visitors and for those who want to explore the most notable FL resort city to the fullest:

  1. North Bay Village – a wonderful green zone in the Miami Shores with a bird sanctuary, volleyball courts, playgrounds, and breathtaking views.
  2. Coral Gables – the true heaven for sailing and enjoyable time with dear and near ones accompanied with pristine nature and calm blue waters.
  3. Key Biscayne – the place with endless artificial and natural reefs, unforgettable sunsets, and a view of the Miami City skylines. If you are crazy about fishing, this is the best place.
  4. Cutler Bay – this location will welcome each willing guest with unbelievable Homestead Bayfront Park and its giant marina called Black Point. Wild nature, reefs, and romantics.
  5. Miami Beach – but not coastal entertainment and natural beauty are taken into account. Traveling next to North Miami Beach means must-see Bill Bird Marina and Haulover Park.
  6. South Beach – the hospitable Atlantic Ocean with its unique ecosystem can be explored not far from South Beach, Miami. Try diving and watch aquatic wonders.
  7. Star Island – not the only place of interest in Biscayne Bay. The VIP personalized cruise can include celebrity homes, Millionaire’s Row, and Downtown Miami admiring.
  8. Coconut Grovet – he paradise of charters, fishing boats, and unforgettable sunrises. The travelers are able to taste dockside meals and rent a vessel for private maritime trips.
  9. Miamarina – a breath of fresh air in the city center. That is why it is a starting point for many Miami tours. Visitors can enjoy an exceptional local atmosphere there.
  10. Everglades – the fantastic world of wild fauna and flora with crocodiles, birds, greens, and adventures. The best variant for both families and couples to take into consideration.

When the list of picturesque places is completed, it is high time to pick sides with the best means of maritime transportation in Miami. It is worth noting that scheduled charters and cruisers limit voyagers in their arrival and departure times and cannot create an atmosphere of intimacy or high-level comfort. The best variant for the trip with a customized route is boat rental. This direction is well-developed in Miami and Miami-based suburbs. It is possible to rent a spacious yacht for 10-12 passengers with several restrooms for the highest convenience or book a small motorboat for a romantic evening afloat.

Yacht Rental in Miami

Boat Rentals in Miami: Pricing 2021, Rental Service Providers in Florida

Of course, the most actual question for Miami guests is pricing for Yacht Rental in Miami. It is worth noting that yachts and motorboats are rented in Florida as often as luxury cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari. It is not surprising because the resort city is washed with the Atlantic Ocean and several bays at once. It is difficult to imagine Miami without water activities and maritime trips.

Prices for the boat rentals start at $200 per hour. But such budget-friendly offers are available for big charters and if the vessel is booked by a big group of tourists (all the tickets are sold at once). If we speak about the personalized experience, the costs can vary from $2000 up to $12,000 per hour. The price depends on the type of vessel you are going to book and the terms of the rental company you are dealing with.

Speaking about boat rental service providers, there is a wide range of individuals and licensed companies to choose from. Find the contacts on the Internet and discuss your order with the provider of your interest. For example, individuals can offer lower prices but a smaller package of services and options at the same time (the charge for fuel, no jet ski, diving, and other equipment, etc.).

The licensed companies provide better rental service and flexible terms for customers together with:

  • Supplementary equipment for rest (musical centers, tableware, towels, floating rings, jet ski, etc).
  • Bulk pricing and discounts for standing clients.
  • Captain and onboard crew support.
  • Other services and accommodations at request.

To sum up, the pricing depends on the boat rental provider policy and its approach to the customer terms and opportunities when it comes to an order of the luxury yacht or compact and speedy motorboat for private trips. The main idea is that yacht rentals in Miami set guests of this resort city free from schedules, availability of tickets for charter cruises, and other regulations for crowded events.

Rent Yacht and Boat in Miami

Boat & Yacht Trips in Miami: Coronavirus Reality

The global pandemic dictates its own rules. Especially, when it comes to the tourist sector. Miami welcomes guests with hospitality and interesting activities despite the present-day reality. But some of the giant cruizers are not available for booking. Limitation in passengers does not allow tourists to enjoy sunsets in Biscayne Bay and Coconut Grove onboard vessels with a capacity of more than 20 passengers.

It means that private trips become more and more popular today. And such popular liners as Azimut’ 68 and other yachts that are suitable for more than 10 passengers at once are among the hottest new trends. People want to party and have fun disregarding the reality of the COVID-19 reality and post-pandemic regulations. This is one more reason to entrust your maritime voyages to licensed boat rental providers that will take care of your health and guarantee an absolutely disinfected vessel with everything necessary for personal hygiene and safe traveling afloat.

Speaking about coronavirus limitations that are related to maritime entertainments and other aquatic activities, the annual Boat Show in Miami has already been canceled this February. It means that one more special-purpose event stayed without attention in 2021 because of the global pandemic. Nevertheless, Miami guests are able to organize their trips themselves. For this purpose, people rent cars, yachts, other over-land, and maritime transportation to have a brilliant time with their family or friends.

Private Tours in Miami in 2021: Organization Tips, Prices, Activities

It goes without saying that travelers with their own means of transportation do not depend on the traffic schedules at all. To see over-land and aquatic places of interest at any time, people rent a car and vessels of their interest. Some companies offer both onshore and maritime transport at once. So, it is possible to rent a spacious and luxury SUV of the Lambo brand or a fabulous Bentley sports car together with a 42’ or 48’ yacht for traveling through Miami without any limitations.

Rent Sportcar in Miami

It is worth noting that the main resort city of Florida is still ready to entertain guests with local shows, parties, and other events. But most of the large-scale festivals were canceled in 2021 or rescheduled for 2022. The Seafood Street Festival is planned for October while Ultra Music Festival in Miami will not take place this year at all. Nevertheless, if you have come to sunny Mimi City, there are plenty of things to do and to see. Green zones, parks, galleries, and natural places of interest are available for admiration round the year.

Together with the above-mentioned amazing locations (top-list of Miami-based maritime picturesque places), there is an opportunity to arrange an exciting tour to see most of these and other aquatic and onshore sights at once.

Organization of the On-Yacht Tour in Miami

If you are not experienced in tour organization, our several helpful tips will come in handy for sure. Start with your trip route to have an incredible time. If you would like to plunge into the beauty and charming atmosphere of maritime Miami views, think of the boat rentals beforehand as well. If you are going to combine an aquatic voyage with an onshore exploration of Florida sights, select the destinations not far from the Atlantic or bay seaboards.

It is better to rent a comfortable automobile as well for your mobility. This way you can continue your journey through Miami cozy corners and local grooves. The choice of the most optimal depends on the requirements of tourists. Someone will prefer a BMW with a concise exterior, another category of travelers will not miss their opportunity to have a furious ride on the Lamborghini Huracane Spyder.

Rent Lamborghini Urus Black in Miam

Speaking about routes that are possible to take, there is a big number of available variants for your trip. Let’s take a closer look at some of them. But it is worth noting that you need to book the vessel with a suitable capacity first. Especially if you are planning some afloat party (birthday party, bachelor’s party, hen’s party, etc.). It is better to inform your rental service provider about the number of invited guests. The more people will accompany you, the larger yacht or cruiser should be. For example, Azimut’ 116 can place about 11-12 passengers aboard.

Route #1: Sunset Lake - Ocean Front Auditorium

One of the most favorite personalized tours in Miami is the long trip over the bays and the Atlantic Ocean. Tourists can admire various sights and see the whole coastal territory of the FL resort city together with all the islands, channels, and lakes. We recommend starting your voyage in the marina of Sunset Lake to float around the Sunset Islands. Then, the yacht can move along the Miami western coast up to Belle Isle. Float around the island to enjoy its nature, sunny landscapes. There are many beach cafes and restaurants to have a rest in if you are tired of the maritime trip. Try local food and fresh drinks and continue your journey.

Biscayne Bay will greet voyagers with calm waters and new interesting sights and amazing nature. The real embodiment of luxurious life is the Star Island with amazing cottages, celebrities’ homes, and other architectural masterpieces. All these sights are visible from the yacht you are floating onboard. Take beautiful pictures and be followed by the tender breeze.

Causeway Terminal Island and Miami Beach Marina will become your next destinations. You can move further up to Pier Park and Lummus Park that are the most notable green zones in Miami located on the coast. The Atlantic Ocean and Miami Beach will be suitable for speedy rides on the motorboats as well.

Yacht and Boat Rental in Miami

Route #2: the Atlantic Ocean Tour

Start your voyage in Pier Park or next to this place. Move along the coast through Miami Beach. The next destination might be Lummus Park. One more green zone for family walks and admiration with breathtaking views. At the same time, you may combine your maritime trip with onshore activities.

Having rented a Lambo EVO sports car or a Mercedes crossover, you can moor the yacht and visit the following places of interests in the Miami Beach region:

  • Art Deco;
  • City Hall;
  • Convention Center;
  • Other art galleries and malls.
Rent Mercedes Benz G63 Miami

If you wish, you may continue your voyage afloat and move up to the Astronomical Observatory and Bus Museum. Here you can walk on foot and enjoy other incredible onshore and offshore sights


Route #3: Biscayne Bay Voyage

You also can start your voyage in Sunset Lake waters to move up to the Biscayne Bay locations. There are plenty of places of interest to admire. Having floated around the Sunset Islands, travelers can explore Biscayne Bay with its Belle Isle, Coconut Grove Bayshore, Bayside marketplaces, and other destinations you would prefer. Ride around Star Island and end your journey somewhere next to West avenue.

Optionally, you will be able to continue your personalized trip onshore while walking through the MacArthur Causeway and Causeway Terminal Island. There are beautiful landscapes to catch and capture in photographs.

It is worth noting that all the beauty of Miami is possible to observe from the yacht, having rented a comfortable vessel for 2-8 hours. Even with small rests and water activities in the open waters (diving, jet ski, sunbathing, other entertainments), you may plunge into the exceptional atmosphere of the FL sunny resort city, the heart of Florida. Pricing for such a tour depends on the extension of the route, voyage time, and other aspects.

For example, the second and the third offered routes can be taken for 4-6 hours. It will not be a very speedy journey but very pleasant sightseeing and photo sessions. The first route is considered the longest one, so you can spend about 8-10 hours afloat. If this experience is too tiring for you, divide your tour into 2 sessions. Explore the west coastal part of Miami during the first day of your trip, and spend marvelous time onboard the yacht the second day while discovering new landscapes in Miami on the south and east coasts.

Miami On-Yacht Parties: Discos, Birthdays, Anniversaries

One more reason to rent a stunning yacht is the desire to arrange your ideal party. This is a perfect solution in the COVID-19 reality when not all the cafes and restaurants are waiting for big crowds of people at once. If you are planning a hen’s party or even a small wedding party only with your intimates, a luxury yacht with a full package of accommodations will become your optimal variant.

Rent Luxury Yacht in Miami

In Miami, there are many disco charters and special vessels for the birthday celebration. But you should understand that most of these services are not available now because of the global pandemic. It is better to contact the local rental service provider in Florida and book a spacious vessel for your purposes. This way you will spend time only with close people and will not face time limits, COVID-19 restrictions, and other challenges.

Among the benefits of the on-yacht parties are:

  • Small discos afloat. Most modern motorboats and yachts are equipped with musical centers and other audio facilities. Have a wonderful time and dance in the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Miami bays.
  • Own food and beverages. You can purchase and serve any appetizers and drinks as you wish. This is not only a customized solution but a budget-friendly one. As one more variant, you can order catering services and forget about preparations at all.
  • Exciting experience. It goes without saying that the most common places for parties are residential premises and public places. Be original with your arrangements and present your guests a wonderful opportunity to enjoy Miami, swim, dive, dance, have fun.
  • Flexibility and comfort. If the weather is stormy, your crew can change the route and moor the yacht somewhere in calm waters. The party will be perfect anyway. If someone is tired of waves and maritime landscapes, you always can offer to have a small rest onshore.

It is difficult to quarrel with the statement that Miami and different available aquatic and over-land activities there are worth the attention of any enthusiastic traveler. If you plan a trip to sunny FL resort city, keep in mind the fact that Miami is notable for its maritime beauty and unlimited capabilities for on-yacht voyages.

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